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Why the "Rancher" Hat is the New Must Have Boho Accessory for the Fall

September 05, 2017

At R. Haus we're currently coveting everything rancher especially these "rancher" style hats that will be completing every boho style outfit this Fall!
Below we've laid out our top 5 rancher style hats we love, and a few tips on where to find them.
1. Vintage:
We love everything vintage. This style can most likely be found at your local flea market, thrift store or yard sale. 
2. Leather:
Just the smell of a piece of worn leather has us closing our eyes and breathing deeply into every piece of old leather we can get our hands on.
The worn the better, old leather is nostalgic and euphoric...our thoughts wander.
Yes! Tis the season for a great wool rancher hat. We highly suggest this style for the upcoming cold weather and bed head. Just Saying!
The most affordable style. Dont get us wrong, you can still acheive this stylish look with a felt hat. We prefer one in each style. This style can be found at any boutique. 
5. Raffia/Straw
This is the most classic style. Cowboys and cowgirls have been rocking the straw hat style for centuries hence the word "rancher". How else are they expected to herd cattle? This style is most likely worn during the summer months as the airy way they're created helps with breathability.
Who can wear this style? Anyone who enjoys wearing hats as way to round out your outfit. Anyone who wants to cover up a bad hair day (our favorite way), or anyone who just wants to look badass...so that should include you!
Shop R. Haus we have a few Rancher hats in store while supplies last.

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