Why I'm Living for Palazzo Pants!

The minute I put these pants I knew there was no turning back. As much as I am a girlie, girl I rarely wear dresses,{ more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl}, but these pants have given me the best of both worlds. The fabric, flow and length of or new pants feels like heaven!! In my Oprah singing voice...

I love a garment the gives me multiple OPTIONS, how is it that these pants can be worn with sneakers, high heels, a beautiful blouse, a tank, a crop top {shown above} a blazer and even a "oots" sweat shirt and flip flops. I mean the choices are limitless. I need these pants in every color, you do to! I promise once you go Palazzo, there's no going back. Oh and the added bonus, they're high-waisted, whoo-hoo. Like I said, these pants are giving me life. 

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Crop Top



I'm ready to shed some of these cold weather layers...how about you? 


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