WELCOME TO R. Haus: New name... New Season, New Brand, Same Ease of Bohemian Living




 Welcome to R.Haus

Over the past three months so much has changed, we went from one substantial income to suddenly one menial, humble income. We knew quickly something had to change and quickly it all did.


This Summer we decided to LEAP, putting 100% of our efforts into my current business Soft Goods. It was tough in the beginning, after years of having lackluster business partners, and struggling to grow this business by my self, along with my husband assisting me (part-time) we decided it was time to work this business together. Grow it professionally and effeciently, which meant no longer working it like a side hustle but a full-time entreprenurial joint venture.

After months of brainstorming, mixing business trips with personal family time and meeting with small business community partners we decided a new name, new brand and new goals were in order and the birth of Robinson Haus was born.


Introducing Robinson Haus aka (R. Haus),  we've sourced a new collection of quality goods for women of all sizes, fine gifts, and bohemian inspired home decor to bring the ease of bohemia directly to your home. Our website is a reflection on our lives, our beliefs and an experience we want to share with the customers who enjoy curated affordable luxuries. 

Stay tuned, we're just getting started.

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  • Beautiful!!!

    • MaryJane Paige