Effortless Athleisure and How To Style Everyday Looks

Effortless Athleisure and How To Style Everyday Looks

December 28, 2017

Resolutions are boring but your wardrobe doesnt have to be and we're here to help!! Have you ever needed to make a quick stop at the grocery store, wearing the t-shirt and holey sweat pants from the day before, thinking "I'm only going in for a few things, no one will see me" it's that very day that you run into your Ex, your sons teacher, or an old classmate. Urghh! There's no hiding the wrinkles, stains or holes. Your just there and praying for the floor to open. Here's the thing no matter where you're going you want to look effortless. Here's a few tips on how to look leisure and relaxed without breaking the bank or putting any thought into it.

Tip 1

Yoga pant's, I'm sure you already have a pair or two of those, but don't be afraid to add a different color to your collection. Yes, I've seen the prints, not a fan but solids are always easy to accessories without going overboard.

Tip 2

Joggers are also fun as log as they're not baggy, or something you pulled out of your high school treasure box. These days joggers can be dressed up or down. This past weekend one of our customer wore our velvet blush joggers, paired with a fitted denim button up, a crips white tee, our brown velvet hat and wedges...super cute together. 

Tip 3

Black leggings, jeggings, faux leather skinnies, add a cozy sweatshirt something with a little detail like our Criss-Cross Sleeve Sweatshirt in Cool Grey or White. Pair a monochrome scarf and sneakers (I'm loving the velvet ones) and a knit beanie the one with the furry puff.

Tip 4

Cardigans or blazer? I'm a cardi girl myself but those of you who work a corporate job but can rock a casual look adding a blazer is a great alternative to dress up your leisure look. 

Tip 5

Accessories!! Keeping a rancher hat, ball cap (the suede one's) "heart eyes" or a cute boho style hat can take a leisure outfit from boring to super cute in just a few. 

Remember when it comes to an effortless, leisure look, keep it simple, clean and stylish. Hope these tips help you look fantastic with ease in 2018. Shop Robinson Haus for a few of these looks a more.

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