A Candle Making Experience at R.Haus

I can't believe how the popularity of our candle making work x shops has taken us by surprise. I've been making candles for 20yrs, I  have always had a vision to create a boutique that revolved around relaxation, comfort and living a life filled with peace and joy. 

Well that's what candles and a little retail therapy have done for me all these years. Between prayer and the flicker of a candle I could always feel a sense of calm add in a little Sade or Diana Krall and my life was instantly uplifted. Because I suffer from a mild case of anxiety I had to find something that aided in my ability to manage my stress. I love essential oils, eucalyptus and lavender are my two favorite fragrances and that was the beginning of my journey.. I started getting into essential oils years ago  with my mom who makes bath and body products. Together we would talk hours about blending and mixing fragrances. We actually had a custom perfume bar with over 50 fragrances in my very first store. 

On a whim, a customer who is now a friend by the name of Marla encourage me to do a candle making work x shop. Begrudgingly I obliged her but I thought to myself " How am I going to do a candle making work x shop" My mom in the past has insisted that I do a candle making workshop and I was always like. Nope, too much work, no one wants to make candles, too messy, nope I'm good. Well we all know mom knows best.

I carefully planned my first work x shop. Again I thought to myself, no one is going to RSVP and if they do they're not going to show up. Haha I was so wrong. Not only did everyone  RSVP, everyone showed up! I. Boy was I wrong! The workshop was the best experience ever.. It was effortless, fun, inspiring and everyone left feeling a sense of confidence having created  something from their hands was truly magical. 

Because of the overwhelming popularity, I had ladies dm'ing me to sign up for the next glass. Haha what next glass? I wasn't planning on doing another class. This one was a fluke. It was an amazing experience but no one is going to come to  the next class. Wow little did I know. Not only was my next class sold out I added another class until the end of November and that class is sold out as well. 

I realized that candles are universal. For me it's more about the light  the candle represented  God's word says 

Matthew 5:16

16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

With all that said I have added three additional dates for our Candle Making Work x Shop. 

November Dates


11/18 {Seating is limited}


12/02 {Seating is limited}

12/16 {Seating is limited}

^Please mark your calendar. All work shops are free but RSVP is required to attend and reserve your seat. To reserve simply log on to our website indicate how many people will be attending with you. 

See you there. Love Ebony

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  • I can’t wait to have this experience 😊

    • Betty
  • Hi, I would like to reserve two seats for the candle making on the 11/18 please.


    • Giedre Milinkevičiūte